Night At Sayers

(credit: Rebel Publishing)

Band Bio: LP

On hearing the music from inimitable singer-songwriter LP’s album Forever For Now, a friend of hers — also a singer-songwriter — sent her a note summarizing her reaction. “She said, ‘This record is triumphant,’” LP […]



Night At Sayers Show Info

Night At Sayers takes you inside a unique LA lounge where music matters. Hear emerging artists and meet the bands, and find out how these bands were discovered. This is your night at The Sayers […]


Sayers LP

Venue Spotlight: The Sayers Club

With a rogue sophistication that’s refined yet raw, The Sayers Club conveys a distinct sense of purpose and style. The venue offers its exclusive clientele an unrivaled journey in impromptu musicianship, featuring a stage that drops from the rafters with a semi-permanent backline.


Semi Precious Weapons (credit: Blake Wood)

Band Bio: Semi Precious Weapons

Justin Tranter // vocals Cole Whittle // bass Dan Crean // drums Stevy Pyne // guitar Semi Precious Weapons formed in New York City. Graduates of the Berklee College of Music, the band immediately began […]


SomeKindaWonderful (credit: SomeKindaWonderful)

Band Bio: SomeKindaWonderful

Fateful encounters at Cleveland bars rarely lead to musical mythology, but SomeKindaWonderful have a dierent kind of story to tell. A three-piece featuring Jordy Towers (vocals/lyrics), as well as Matt Gibson (guitar) and Ben Schigel […]