Where To Get Great Juices In Los AngelesTo juice or not to juice is something health-conscious consumers ponder at one time or another. While there are many health benefits to juicing (detoxification, energy, vitamins, weight loss), what usually holds people back is the taste. Veteran juicers aren’t fazed by a garlic/sprouts/broccoli/lemon smoothie, nor do they have to hold their noses when they chug a kale/grapefruit/spinach/radish concoction. If you’re a novice juicer, or somewhere in the middle, and taste is still an issue, these five LA juice bars will help you find the right combo for your body and your taste buds.
Best Juice Bars In Los AngelesThe majority of people in Los Angeles are powered mostly by caffeine. Java, frappuccinos, espresso, green/white/black tea, Red Bull, Monster, you name it and someone’s probably used it to get through the day.

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