Mike Leach

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WSU Coach: NCAA Football Needs 64-Team Tournament

While there’s been a lot of support for a playoff in college football coming from people in power lately, something tells me that Mike Leach’s idea for a college football playoff is never going to fly.


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Washington State Introduces Mike Leach

Mike Leach was introduced Tuesday as the new head coach at Washington State.


Washington State v Washington

Another Pac-12 Football Coach Gets Fired; WSU Sends Wulff Packing

Washington State football coach Paul Wulff was fired Tuesday after four years during which his teams won only nine games.


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Blog: Bruins Will Pay Big Money For New Coach

Now is not the time for the Bruins to go for an up and comer.


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Neuheisel Continues Working As Bruins Head Coach

(CBS) — Despite multiple reports that UCLA’s Rick Neuheisel has been fired, the Bruins current head coach showed up to his press conference on Sunday and repeated that he has no knowledge about being fired. […]


Texas Tech v Texas

Pac-12 South May Have 3 New Coaches Next Year

Midway through the 3rd quarter when Arizona State was leading Oregon, and the Ducks were down to a backup QB and LMJ was hurt, it was looking like the Sun Devils were not only going to take the South division by a landslide, but we’re serious contenders for the Rose Bowl…