US Approves First Drug Developed To Prevent Chronic MigrainesIn one study, patients given Aimovig saw their migraine days cut from eight to four a month, on average.
Executive Producer Of CBS' 'Blue Bloods', Wife Applauded For Generous Donation To Migraine ResearchLeonard Goldberg says his love for his daughter, a migraine-sufferer, led him and his wife to contribute to migraine research at UCLA.
A Year Later, CBS2 Reporter Serene Branson Looks Back On Her On-Air Medical EmergencyIt was just a year ago when CBS2 reporter Serene Branson made international news when she suffered a migraine, causing her to speak incoherently during her on-air report outside the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Serene Branson Talks About Her Live Medical EmergencyAcross the country, millions of viewers witnessed CBS 2/KCAL 9 Reporter Serene Branson’s medical emergency after the Grammys.

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