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KNX On Your Corner: Marine Mammal Rescue Center

Make ‘em well and send ‘em back: that’s been the work since 1992 at the Marine Mammal Rescue Center at Fort MacArthur.


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Board Of Supervisors Approves $7,000 Grant To Care For Stricken California Sea Lion Pups

A $7,000 grant to care for local sea lion pups, that have been found severely dehydrated an malnourished, has been approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.


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Marine Mammal Center Declares State Of Emergency For Sea Lion Pups

A Southern California marine life rescue group has seen such an enormous increase in the number of gravely dehydrated and malnourished sea lion pups this season that it is being called an epidemic.


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KNX On Your Corner: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Volunteers are standing by to rescue seals and sea lions that get into trouble along the Orange County Coast.