Glowy Zoey is back with a new costume. (credit: GlowyZoey.com)

Glowy Zoey Is Back With New Halloween Costume

The LED costume became a viral internet hit.


The Tooshlights system utilizes an ultrasonic sensor to trigger a LED light to change to either a red or green color, which in turn signals venue attendees about the stall’s occupancy.(Photo courtesy Tooshlights)

Gotta Go? Hollywood Bowl Rolls Out Green-Light System For Restrooms

The Hollywood Bowl is making it easier for guests to “know where to go.”


(credit: CBS)

Target Announces Recall Of LED Flashlights

Target has announced a recall of LED flashlights.


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Save Money On Energy Bills With LED Lights

Kathryn Gallagher from Home Depot talks about how you can save on the transition to LED lights.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/17/2011

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Lights Out: California To Retire Incandescent Bulbs

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The brightest bulb in most homes for more than a century is fading toward darkness this year as California turns out the light on the century-old incandescent. Beginning Jan. 1, the state […]