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The Santa Monica Pier (photo credit: wayoveryonder.net)

LA’s 5 Best Fall And Winter Events

Celebrate cooler weather by attending one of these fall festivals in the LA area.


“People are generally taken aback by the mint-like condition.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Gary At The Santa Monica Pier

“I actually inherited it from my grandfather. It was his car.” – Gary and his Mercedes-Benz


“L.A. driving is very tough!”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Fayanne At H.D. Buttercup

“You get the old little hand up. I know you got that car and you know I got one.” – Fayanne and her Mini Cooper S


“I have four classic cars, so I know how to recognize good work.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Gary At Bob’s Big Boy In Burbank

“My personal license plate on it says, ‘I love lemon pie’ because it’s bright yellow.” – Gary and his Ford Sedan Delivery


"This is the second SUV I've ever owned."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peter At The Beverly Hills Hotel

“My grandson loves riding in the car.” – Peter and his Lexus RX


“I love the view from here.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Katie At The Hollywood Sign

“I don’t like it when people call a car a ‘she.’ I just think cars should be more masculine.” – Katie and her Audi A4


“Baby really likes pretending like he's driving.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Erika At Carney’s Studio City

“We go to Disneyland a lot.” – Erika and her Toyota Rav4


“It gets good gas mileage, so it’s good for long distance driving.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nick At The Original Farmers Market

“It’s the most straightforward thing I’ve ever owned.” – Nick and his Toyota Corolla


“You have more of a connection with a standard transmission.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jeff At Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

“It takes me to places that public transportation won’t take me.” – Jeff and his Volkswagen GTI Autobahn Edition


"I just try to be very calm and very Zen-like when people cut me off."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Hayden At The Village Theatre

“As an actor, I drive a lot around L.A., so it’s like a second home.” – Hayden and his Toyota Tacoma


"It's a normal car, trustworthy, unassuming."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Edna At The Beverly Wilshire Hotel

“It’s my partner in crime. It helps me with my life.” – Edna and her BMW X3