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US Mazda Dealers Suspend Orders From Japan

U.S. Mazda dealers are suspending orders for vehicles built in Japan because of disruption in the supply of parts caused by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.


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SoCal Tourism Biz Braces For ‘Significant’ Japanese Drop-Off

One tourism official warns revenues from Japanese travelers is set to plummet after the devastating quake and tsunami.

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Riverside Firm Donates Free Heating Oil For Japan Sister City

The Fuel Relief Fund is giving away free heating oil to those hard-hit residents in the coastal city of Ishinomaki, north of Sendai.


Japan scrambled to prevent nuclear accidents at two atomic plants where reactor cooling systems failed after a massive earthquake, as it evacuated tens of thousands of residents. Tokyo Electric Power, which runs the plants, said it had released some radioactive vapour into the atmosphere at one plant to relieve building reactor pressure, but said the move posed no health risks. (credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Trace Amounts Of Radioactive Elements Found In Anaheim, Riverside

Trace amounts of radioactive elements consistent with the earthquake-damaged nuclear power plant in Japan were detected by monitors in Anaheim and Riverside, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday.

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Radiation Fears Spawn Black Market For Potassium Iodide

With worries about radiation running high in Southern California, some people are trying to turn a quick buck off of people’s fallout fears.

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Engineers: California Tsunami Risk Rises With Sea Levels

The California Coastal Commission warns that when the ocean level rises — either through the tides or climate change — the damage from any tsunami gets significantly worse.

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Testing Finds No Health Threat Along West Coast

Minuscule amounts of radiation from Japan’s stricken nuclear plant have reached the west coast but federal and state officials say it poses no health risk.


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Japanese-Americans Open Hearts, Wallets For Quake Relief

Japanese-Americans, expats and others in the United States opened their hearts and their wallets this week to the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, finding touching and sometimes imaginative ways to donate or raise money for the Asian country’s injured and displaced.


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Extremely Low Levels Of Radiation Reach Southern California

A diplomat in Vienna says Japan’s radioactive fallout has reached Southern California, but first readings are “about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening.”


Worried Californians Purchase Gas Masks, Chemical Suits

The owner of a military supply company in Maine says he’s been inundated with orders from people in California buying gas masks and chemical suits.


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UC Irvine Professor Says Radiation Cloud From Japan Is Not Damaging

Professor Charlie Zender from UC Irvine says radiation from the compromised Fukushima Nuclear Plant in northern Japan Is heading for the west coast, and will arrive sometime tomorrow in the late afternoon.


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Woman To Give Donations From 24-Hour Run To Japan Quake Victims

A marathon runner will dedicate a 24-hour, nonstop run in Corona this weekend to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


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LAX Passengers, Cargo Screened For Radiation Ahead Of Japan Plume

Detectors are now being used at LAX after low-level radiation has reportedly been found in Dallas and Chicago on passengers and planes coming in from Japan.


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Plume Of Radiation Moving Toward California Is Not Dangerous

Risks from possible radiation exposure remain greatest for the workers scrambling to cool reactors at a Japanese nuclear power plant.


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Boxer, Feinstein Call For Inspections At Nuclear Power Plants

California’s two U.S. senators are calling on federal officials to perform inspections at two nuclear power plants to ensure the facilities are safe and have adequate emergency plans.