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Yucaipa Man Suspected Of Sexually Molesting 2 Foster Children

A 68-year-old man remained in custody Thursday on suspicion of sexually assaulting two female foster children.


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Founder Of LA-Based Christian Stanley Gets 10 Years In Prison For Investment Scam

Prosecutors say Powell founded the Los Angeles-based Christian Stanley, Inc. telling investors he’d buy out peoples’ life insurance policies and later collect the death benefits when they died or by selling them on the life settlement market.


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Computer Network Architects In L.A. Have Access To Prime Jobs

Scott Spiro, CEO at Computer Solutions Group, Inc., says upwardly-mobile computer network architects in L.A. are dedicated team players that understand how businesses are run.


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Information Security Analysts Are Powerful Forces In L.A.

Mike Gardner, says information security analysts with an industry-specific background maintain a strong competitive edge in Los Angeles.


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Job Market For Computer Support Specialists In L.A. Is Highly Favorable

Computer expert Scott Spiro says in order for computer support specialists to benefit from a projected blast of new job opportunities in Los Angeles, they must stay on top of cloud-computing technology.


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$25K Reward For Stolen Computers Containing Patients’ Medical Records

A $25,000 reward has been offered to track down stolen computers carrying the medical records of nearly 340,000 patients in LA County.


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168K Patients’ Records Compromised After County Contractor Computer Theft

The Department of Auditor-Controller said Thursday the equipment was stolen February 5 from the Torrance office of Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a firm that contracts with the county.


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Best Places For Computer Classes In OC

Computer classes are a great way to grow professionally and make you more competitive in the job market.

CBS Los Angeles–02/01/2014

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OC’s Best Teacher Supply Stores

For teachers, summer is nearly over. Get ready for back to school with these great OC school supply stores.

CBS Los Angeles–07/23/2013

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I.T. Professionals Remain Vital To Los Angeles’ Expanding Tech Scene

Senior recruiter offers some advice for people looking to get ahead in the I.T. industry.


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Best Financial Planners In Los Angeles

Every family needs a plan for the future. These days, chances are you’re not only paying for a wedding, you’re paying for college and maybe even that first home down payment. Get the household finances in order before you’re trying to pay off the kids’ student loans. The following financial planners are the best in the business for their commitment to their communities, honesty and their prosperous returns in wealth managing.

CBS Los Angeles–02/01/2013

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Emergency Preparedness Resources In OC

If you are reading this, the experts were mistaken about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world in 2012. There are other, more likely emergencies, however, and any prognosticator will tell you preparedness is always a good idea. In California, the threat of earthquakes is real and constant. Orange County has felt its share of tremors, as well as structural and brush fires, major power outages and even flooding. The recent shutdown of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station also serves as a reminder of the potential for man-made disaster. The best thing you can do for your family in an emergency is have food, water, blankets, batteries, medical supplies and a plan to survive the time, if any, you will be cut off from regular resources. Outfit your home, and loved ones, with these companies.

CBS Los Angeles–01/25/2013


Calif. Pot Dispensary Chief Convicted On Drug Charges

Federal prosecutors in Southern California say a medical marijuana dispensary president has been convicted on several drug-related charges.


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Tips For A Home Wedding In Los Angeles

Don’t let cost and poor planning ruin your big day.


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PlayStation ID Theft May Be One Of The Largest Security Breaches Ever

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sony Corp. said Tuesday that the credit card data of PlayStation users around the world may have been stolen in a hack that forced it to shut down its PlayStation Network for […]