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High Speed Chase

(credit: CBS)

2-County High Speed Chase Ends When Suspect’s SUV Runs Out Of Gas

A stolen vehicle pursuit came to an end in the west San Fernando Valley early Friday after the suspect’s SUV ran out of gas.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/14/2014

(credit: CBS)

Pickup Driver Leads CHP On 2-County Chase

A pursuit suspect led authorities on a chase Friday that spanned city streets and freeways in two counties.

CBS2 / KCAL9–01/17/2014

(credit: CBS)

Wild Police Pursuit Concludes With Multi-Car Crash

A wild police pursuit finally came to an end, following a number of crashes on Tuesday night.


(credit: RMG News)

Motorcyclist Killed During High-Speed Chase In Newbury Park

A motorcyclist was killed after losing control and crashing into a wall during a high-speed pursuit in Ventura County, authorities said Sunday.


(credit: CBS)

4 People Arrested After High-Speed Chase On 3 Freeways

Two men were arrested Friday after leading Los Angeles police on a high-speed chase.

CBS2 / KCAL9–04/26/2013

(credit: CBS)

Ousted Nev. Lawmaker Pleads Not Guilty To Charges Related To Wild Calif. High-Speed Chase

A former Nevada assemblyman pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a freeway chase that police in California said ended with a violent struggle.

CBS2 / KCAL9–04/02/2013

(credit: CBS)

Stolen Vehicle Suspect Leads Police On High-Speed Pursuit Through Valley

A stolen vehicle suspect led police on a high speed chase Wednesday morning.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/20/2013

(credit: Amber Lee/CBS)

1 Robbery Suspect Dead, 2 Injured After Pursuit, Crash On NB 5 Freeway

Interstate 5 reopened Friday morning following a pursuit that ended in a deadly crash.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/01/2013

(credit: CBS)

Burglary Suspects Arrested In Compton After 2-County Pursuit

Authorities arrested two out of three burglary suspects Tuesday afternoon in Compton after they led police on a high speed chase through two counties.

CBS2 / KCAL9–01/29/2013

Motorcyclist Leads CHP On High Speed Chase Spanning Several Freeways

Authorities were involved in a high speed chase with a motorcyclist Tuesday morning that spanned several freeways.

CBS2 / KCAL9–07/24/2012

(credit: CBS)

3 Burglary Suspects Taken Into Custody After Wild Chase

Authorities were involved in a high speed chase on the Westbound 10 Freeway Wednesday afternoon.

CBS2 / KCAL9–12/07/2011

(credit: CBS)

Suspected Bank Robber Surrenders To Police Following High Speed Chase

Authorities have arrested a suspected bank robber who led authorities on a high speed chase from Orange County through the South Bay.

CBS2 / KCAL9–09/15/2011

(credit: CBS)

Car Thief Suspect Leads Police On High Speed Chase

A stolen car suspect led police on a high speed chase through several Los Angeles neighborhoods Friday after starting in the Rampart area.

CBS2 / KCAL9–05/27/2011

(credit: CBS)

Wild Chase Ends With Suspect Being Tased, Tackled

A three-hour chase ended Monday evening with the suspect, reportedly wearing a bath robe, being tased.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/28/2011


Suspect Shot By Sheriff’s Deputy At End Of High-Speed Chase

A brief but high speed pursuit ended with a suspect being shot by sheriff’s deputies in East Los Angeles Monday evening.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/14/2011