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Extradition Hearing Moved For Mother Of Hollywood Arson Suspect

An extradition hearing for the mother of a man suspected of setting dozens of fires in Hollywood, West Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley over New Year’s weekend has been pushed to May 17.

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Extradition Papers Filed For Accused Hollywood Arsonist’s Mom

Federal prosecutors Wednesday filed the formal extradition papers in the case of Dorothee Burkhart, the mother of accused Hollywood arsonist Harry Burkhart.


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Harry Burkhart’s Mother Due Back In Court Feb. 7

A judge Wednesday set a Feb. 7 bail hearing date for the mother of arson suspect Harry Burkhart.

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Harry Burkhart Pleads Not Guilty To 100 Arson-Related Charges

A judge raised bail Tuesday to $7.5 million for the German national suspected of a New Year’s weekend arson rampage in Los Angeles.


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Burkhart Reportedly Brought Fire Starter To German Consulate

Hollywood arson suspect Harry Burkhart left a major clue about his alleged crimes at the German consulate last month.

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Attorney Appointed For Dorothee Burkhart During Extradition Process

The mother of the man suspected of setting dozens of fires in Hollywood over the holidays has had an attorney appointed to represent her during the federal extradition process.

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County Supervisors Honor Deputy Who Arrested Arson Suspect

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s reserve deputy is being honored for arresting the man suspected of starting dozens of fires over the holidays.

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Hollywood Arson Victim Finds Her Insurance Company Won’t Pay Up

Sarah Kramer describes herself as “a struggling musician.”


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Harry Burkhart’s Mother Expected To Attend Deportation Hearing Friday

The mother of serial arson suspect Harry Burkhart is scheduled to make her own court appearance Friday. Federal prosecutors are seeking to deport Dorothee Burkhart, who faces fraud charges in Germany.

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Officers Honored For Providing Tip That Led To Arsonist’s Arrest

Two law enforcement officials were honored Thursday for providing the critical tip leading to the arrest of the Hollywood arson suspect.

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Accused Hollywood Arsonist Appears Ill In Court

Suspected Hollywood firebug Harry Burkhart, 24, appeared in a Los Angeles court Wednesday to answer 37 charges in a string of fires set in Hollywood, West Hollywood, and surrounding areas.


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City Council Fast-Tracks Permits For Property Owners After Arson Fires

Local lawmakers moved Wednesday to help Los Angeles property owners rebuild quickly after a rash of recent arson fires.

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German National Suspected In 53 Fires Charged With Multiple Arson Counts

The suspect in a rash of arson fires across Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley was charged Wednesday with multiple counts of arson.

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Hollywood Arson Suspect Being Investigated On Similar Charges In Germany

Harry Burkhart is under investigation in his home country of Germany for a house fire days before he traveled to the United States in October.


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Sordid Details Emerge About Mother Of Man Suspected In Arson Attacks

The mother of a man suspected of setting dozens of arson fires over New Year’s weekend is wanted in Germany on 19 counts of fraud.

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