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Study: Fecal Bacteria Found On Most Supermarket Shopping Carts

New research shows that nearly three out of four shopping cart handles is rife with fecal bacteria, including some that can cause severe illness.


supermarket strike and lockout involving southern California grocery workers

Grocery Store Workers Brace For Potential Walkout

Some 62,000 grocery store workers may have no choice but to walk out on Sunday when their contract with Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons expires.

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Ralphs Avoids Trial, Gets Probation, Fines For Overcharging Customers

The grocery chain pleaded no contest last month to 62 charges, including 19 counts of mislabeling and 15 counts of false advertising.


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Report: High Lead Levels Found in Reusable Grocery Bags

Paper or plastic may not be environmentally-friendly, but a recent investigation shows reusable grocery bags may pose a significant lead exposure risk to shoppers.

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