Pepperdine Prof. Discusses How Social Issues Are Shaping Republican Presidential Race
Shutdown Delays California Unemployment DataCalifornia's monthly unemployment figures for September are being delayed due to the partial federal government shutdown that ended this week.
Federal Employees Return To Work After 16-Day Government ShutdownThousands of furloughed federal workers returned to their jobs Thursday after a 16-day long government shutdown.
Protestors Stage Die-In Outside Downtown LA Federal Building Over Debt Ceiling LiftDemonstrators wore black clothing and skull masks, carried black roses and held signs with slogans such as, "Cause of death: cuts to meal program."
Starbucks Asks Customers To Sign Petition Calling For End Of Gov. ShutdownThe world's biggest coffee chain said Thursday that it will ask customers and businesses to sign a petition calling for an end to the partial government shutdown that has forced hundreds of thousands of federal workers off the job.
Local Military Family Says Government Shutdown Is Threatening To Cancel Daughter's BaptismA local military family says the government shutdown is threatening to cancel their daughter's baptism.
Gov’t Shutdown Could Bring OC Real Estate Market To StandstillThe government shutdown could bring the Orange County real estate market to a standstill.
Pay Uncertain For Hotshot Crews Battling Wildfires During Government ShutdownThe elite fire fighting crews known as "Hotshots" who fight wildfires across the country are continuing to work despite uncertainty surrounding their pay during the government shutdown.
Govt. Shutdown Puts Service Academy Sports On HoldArmy, Navy and Air Force might be forced to skip their football games next weekend because of the partial government shutdown.
Compton Cuts 30 Percent Of Workers In New BudgetThe Compton City Council will meet Tuesday night to find ways to deal with a $25 million deficit and avoid a government shutdown.
What A Government Shutdown Might Mean To Your IRS RefundWhat would a government shutdown mean for your IRS refund?

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