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Target Removes Boys And Girls Merchandise Displays

Target announced it is removing gender-based displays in several departments in its stores, including toys, bedding and entertainment.


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USC Study Finds Hollywood Films Still Skewing White, Male

Is Hollywood falling behind when it comes to racial and gender diversity?


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I Want Your Sex! New UC Irvine Form Will Ask Students To Pick From 6 Genders

The choice is no longer just male or female.


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How Will Caitlyn Jenner’s Country Club Handle Her Gender Change?

The Olympic gold medalist’s is a member of the exclusive Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks. Members say the club has strict policies that exclude women from certain activities, so will Jenner now face new rules?


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California Eyes Nation’s Strongest Equal Pay Law For Women

California lawmakers are advancing what proponents call the nation’s strongest law designed to make sure that women are paid equally for the work they perform.


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Facebook Announces New Gender Options For Users

Facebook is adding a customizable option with about 50 different terms people can use to identify their gender as well as three preferred pronoun choices: him, her or them.


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Parents Rally Outside LAUSD Offices Over Transgender Bathroom Bill

The Privacy For All Students coalition rallied in support of a petition to overturn AB 1266, which allows students grades K-12 to use any bathroom based on their gender identity.


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Cal State Long Beach Recruiting More Male Students

A growing gender gap in higher education enrollment is prompting efforts to recruit and retain more male students at one California university.

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Pasadena Professor Who Taught Porn Class Resigns

College officials said in a statement they accepted Hugo Schwyzer’s resignation that was effective Wednesday.


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LMU Study Finds Boys Raised With Sisters More Likely To Vote GOP

It turns out behind every conservative Republican man is a sister, according to researchers.



Expecting? Throw A ‘Gender Reveal Party’ With Tips From Party City!

Party City Celebration Expert, Julia Darrenkamp, stopped by KCAL9 Friday to show viewers fun and easy tips to throw a “Gender Reveal Party”!

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Boys’ And Girls’ Locker Room? Calif. Bill Would Blur School ‘Gender Identity’ Rules

An Irvine lawmaker is among those considering a proposed bill that would potentially allow genders to mix in school locker rooms.


PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis is allowing parents to choose the gender of their baby.

Technology Allows Parents To Choose Baby’s Traits

Would you pick your baby’s features? One local doctor says he’s about to offer the service to would-be parents.