First Blue Moon Total Eclipse In 150 Years Coming On Jan. 31After starting 2018 with a supermoon, sky watchers are preparing for an even more rare event this month: a blue moon total lunar eclipse.
Full Moon To Grace Christmas Sky For First Time Since 1977If you plan on staying up all night on Christmas Eve drinking eggnog, go outside and gaze into the sky. You will see a lunar rarity before dawn on Christmas day, a UC Riverside astronomer said.
Giant Asteroid To Fly Pass Earth, Full Moon To Appear On ChristmasThe moon is expected to reach full phase at 3:11 a.m. Friday.
Perseid Meteor Shower To Pass Over LA At Midnight FridayOne of the best meteor showers of the year is happening Friday night.
Saturday's 'Supermoon' Will Be Biggest, Closest Since 1993Saturday’s full moon won’t just any old full moon – it’ll be a super full moon.

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