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5-Hour Energy Drink Linked To Over A Dozen Deaths

The high-caffeine shot, 5-hour Energy has been linked to more than 13 deaths since 2009.

CBS2 / KCAL9–11/15/2012

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Trader Joe’s Orders Recall Of Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter

Trader Joe’s has announced a recall of one of their creamy peanut butter brands over a health-related concern.


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Recall: Prepared BBQ Chicken Salads Sold At Trader Joe’s

Federal food safety inspectors say prepared barbecue chicken salads sold at Trader Joe’s are being recalled because they contain diced onions that may be contaminated with the potentially deadly listeria bacteria.


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Small Turtles Being Blamed For Multistate Salmonella Outbreak

Turtles may be a popular household pet but they are being blamed for a multistate Salmonella outbreak, mostly in young children.


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FDA Approves New Weight Loss Drug Belviq

The FDA has approved a new weight loss drug, Locacerin, which will be sold as Belviq. It works by triggering responses in the brain that help patients feel fuller sooner.


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Voters To Decide Whether Genetically Modified Food Will Get Special Label

California voters will soon decide whether to require special labels for food made from genetically modified ingredients, in a closely watched test of consumer attitudes about the merits of genetically engineered crops.


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Mad Cow Quarantines Lifted At 2 Central Calif. Dairies

Quarantines were lifted on two Central California dairies associated with a case of mad cow disease after investigators found no link between the illness and food the diseased bovine might have consumed, federal officials said Friday.


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Arsenic Detected In Many Popular Foods, Beverages

Arsenic is a dangerous poison that for decades has frightened people by its name alone, but now the substance is finding its way into popular foods.


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Inventor Of Zicam Gets 3 Years Probation For Unapproved Bird Flu Remedy

The man who invented Zicam was sentenced Thursday to three years of probation for illegally marketing an unapproved drug he claimed could prevent and treat bird flu.


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Gerber Voluntarily Recalls Infant Formula Over Foul Odor

Gerber has announced the voluntary recall of some powdered infant formula.


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Synthetic Food Dyes Raising Health Concerns Among Doctors, Parents

When it comes to food, there is more than what meets the eye with synthetic dyes added to everything from cereal to fresh fruit and some believe it could affect our health.


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The Next Big Diet Pill? FDA Reconsiders Approval Of ‘Qnexa’

A Food and Drug Administration panel is reconsidering whether to approve the diet pill Qnexa.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/22/2012

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Irvine-Based Firm Voluntarily Recalls Sexual Enhancement Supplement

A Southern California firm is recalling an herbal female sexual enhancement supplement because it contains a drug not listed on the label.


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USC Announces ‘Huge Advance’ For Treatment Of Heartburn

If you are one of the millions of Americans who experience heartburn, help may be on the way, researchers at the University of Southern California announced.


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FDA To Pull Popular Asthma Inhaler From Store Shelves In 2012

It could get much more difficult to breathe in the new year for millions in the Southland who suffer from asthma.