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Fatal Police Shooting

(credit: CBS)

Relatives, Tustin Residents Protest Fatal Police Shooting Of Unarmed Man

A crowd protested outside a Tustin City Council meeting, voicing outrage after police last week fatally shot an unarmed man when responding to a domestic disturbance. Police initially reported the victim as having been armed with a knife but a later report revealed a weapon was never found.


Hundreds protest the LAPD in Westlake District.

LA Activists Protest Westlake Police Shooting

Demonstrators are dispersing after a peaceful rally that began near the spot where a Los Angeles Police officer shot a Guatemalan immigrant who was carrying a knife.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–09/19/2010

LAPD police look for rioting supporters

22 Arrests Made In 2nd Wave Of LAPD Protests

Despite a pledge by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to thoroughly investigate the police shooting of a drunken day laborer, hundreds of demonstrators swarmed a downtown L.A. police station.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–09/08/2010

Officers in riot gear were needed to police a crowd angry over the fatal shooting of a Guatemalan man.

Violent Protest Erupts Over Fatal Police Shooting

A protest over the fatal police shooting of a Guatemalan immigrant turned violent when some demonstrators threw bottles at officers, set trash cans on fire and refused to disperse.