Chin Up: Doctors Expect Chin Fat Treatment To Be 'Household Name' Say goodbye to that double-chin.
LAUSD 'Food Guru' Temporarily Suspended, Accused Of MismanagementThe LAUSD's Inspector General has accused Binkle of mismanagement and a conflict of interest.
Study: California Losing Battle Of The BulgeA new study suggests the Golden State could be losing its figure.
Cool Down To Slim DownAn author of a new diet book says ice baths could be the way to keep unwanted weight off.
Too Fat To Shoplift? Women Tucked $2,600 Worth In Belly BulgeTwo plus-size Oklahoma woman are behind bars for allegedly trying to shoplift items from a TJ Maxx — including four pairs of boots — by hiding the goods in their rolls of fat.
Media Making Teens Too Fat-Focused? While Americans have long made personal fitness an everyday lifestyle, one author says that "fat talk" has turned our focus on health into an unhealthy fixation, especially for our teenagers.

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