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Death-Penalty Reform Initiative Pushed To 2016

A coalition of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and crime victims announced Friday that it will wait until November 2016 to place a death-penalty reform measure on the ballot.


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Calif. Receives Major Shipment Of Drug For Executions

While many states are running short of a drug necessary to carry out executions, California just received a major shipment.



Records Detail Frantic Hunt For Lethal Injection Drug

Newly-revealed documents show California officials launched a global search to replace the knockout drug in the cocktail used to execute death row inmates.

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Report: Calif. Ready To Resume Lethal Injections

A shortage of a particular drug that has halted lethal injections in California may be nearing an end, but opponents are raising safety questions about the chemical’s origin.



Calif. Seeks Return Of Executions After 4-Year Hold

Attorney General Jerry Brown’s deputies are seeking permission for the state to resume executing death row prisoners as early as next week.

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