Endangered Species

Male Sage Grouse (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Biologists Question Federal Plans To Protect Sage Grouse Bird

The government is preparing insufficient protections for a ground-dwelling bird that has declined significantly over the past century and soon will face a possible endangered species listing.


(credit: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Pacific Southwest Region)

Population Of Channel Islands Fox Roars Back After Near Extinction

A once nearly-extinct species is now flourishing in the six largest islands in the Channel Islands system.


(credit: Customs & Border Protection)

Ivory, Hippopatamus Tusks Seized From Woman Arriving At LAX

Seven ivory tusks, a hippopotamus tusk and purses made of ostrich, stingray, crocodile and elephant skins were seized from the luggage of a U.S. citizen arriving from Europe, officials said Monday.


(credit: Aquarium of the Pacific)

Rare Pod Of Sperm Whales Surface Between Long Beach, Catalina

Whale watchers out of Long Beach were treated to a rare sight Thursday – a pod of 14 sperm whales that surfaced about halfway between Long Beach and Catalina Island.


A zoo keeper holds a baby Komodo Dragon. (credit: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images)

22 Komodo Dragons Hatch At The Los Angeles Zoo

The zoo’s adult female Komodo laid the eggs in January and they hatched earlier this month. It’s a small but encouraging boost to the endangered species’ population that numbers only 2,500 in the wild.