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Teaching Jobs Require Dedication And State License

Teaching jobs might not pay much at first, but benefits can be excellent.


Let's Get To Work Los Angeles -- Non-profits should not be overlooked. (credit: CBS)

Nonprofits Are Offering New Careers For L.A.’s Job Market

CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger offers advice on where to, and how to, look for employment.


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Archeologist Explains Why Job Opportunities In His Field Are Expected To Spike In Los Angeles

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting a 19-percent spike in employment prospects for archaeologists over the next eight years.


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Tech-Savvy Business Managers In Growing Demand In Los Angeles

Local professor explains how students these days can stay in demand as they launch and grow their careers.


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International Law Helps Boost A Los Angeles Attorney’s Earning Potential

A managing partner from one local law firm shares sound advice on staying competitive within the legal industry.