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Bob Hope Airport Holds Emergency Drill

A full-scale emergency response training exercise was being held Tuesday at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, according to officials.


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LA Firefighters Rally Over Potential Health Risks Posed By Cell Towers Near Fire Stations

Firefighters rallied outside a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning in Downtown Los Angeles over cell phone towers they fear pose serious health risks to dozens of L.A. County fire stations.

CBS2 / KCAL9–03/23/2015

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Heart Attack Victims, First Responders Reunited In Burbank

Two Angelenos who suffered heart attacks were reunited Thursday with the emergency medical teams that responded to their emergencies with life-saving care.

CBS2 / KCAL9–01/22/2015

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Cal Fire Burns Through Annual Funding Ahead Of Peak Wildfire Season

Despite the peak months of the 2014 wildfire season still to come, Cal Fire has already burned through its budget for fighting major fires.


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LA To Study ‘Next Generation 911′ To Allow Text Messaging, Photos

If you’ve ever wanted to use text messaging in an emergency, the city of Los Angeles could be taking one step closer to making that a reality.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Planning

In the case of a major emergency, there are things you can do to be prepared.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Volcano

Hardly a day goes by when Southern Californians don’t wonder if we’re ready for the anticipated “Big One”.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Preppers

It’s important that we’re all prepared in the case of an emergency.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Politicians

When emergencies strike, we often turn to elected officials for financial relief.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Emergency Disease

It will soon be flu season.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Pet Prep

For many people, pets are part of the family, so don’t forget about preparing them for an emergency.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Bioterrorism

As much as we fear natural disasters like earthquakes, fires or mudslides, it is a man-made disaster – bioterrorism – that can be particularly cruel.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Landlines

The popularity of cell phones means more and more people are getting rid of their landlines.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Emergency Communication

Thirteen years after 9/11 showed the need for better communication among various first responders, it still hasn’t happened.


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KNX Ready Or Not: Radiation

There was a time when most big cities had fallout shelters for radiation. Not any more.