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El Nino

(credit: istockphoto)

El Nino Impact On California Drought Still Unclear

The Golden State may not be able to count on the weather phenomenon known as “El Nino” to alleviate conditions behind some of the driest years on record.


(credit: noaa.gov)

El Niño Could End Drought Conditions In California

It may happen later than Californians want, but a major climate system known as El Niño could have a big impact on the state’s drought.


Harley Davidson Rain Gear

Best Places For Rain Gear In Los Angeles

Contrary to what the rest of the world believes, Los Angeles is not sunny 365 days a year; Oct. 1 through April 15 is officially declared as the city’s rainy season. Gear up!

CBS Los Angeles–10/02/2012

(credit: Paul Taylor/Getty Images)

Will There Be Blood? Study Links El Niño Weather, Wars

Researchers say they may have found a link between the violent weather changes in our skies and bloodshed on the battlefield.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–08/26/2011


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