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Some Professional Truckers Fear Driverless Big-Rigs Will Leave Them Jobless

An automotive company this week unveiled the world’s first autonomous big-rig, but the announcement has some professional truck drivers worried about their jobs.


Tesla's D car will have two motors. D stands for dual. (credit: CBS)

Tesla Introduces An All-Wheel Drive Version Of Model S Sedan With 2 Motors

The announcement put to rest a week of feverish speculation. Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted about the news last week with a tweet that said, “About time to unveil the D and something else.”


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Consumer Watchdog Urges DMV To Require Test Drivers In Google Cars

A Westside consumer advocacy group wants the DMV to hit the brakes on putting driverless cars on California roads.


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KNX 1070 Driven To Gridlock: Driverless Cars

There’s a lot of talk about autonomous control vehicles, or cars that drive themselves.


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Google Tests ‘Driverless’ Cars In California

After conquering the search engine market, Google continues to set its sights on expanding its reach, and its latest venture takes aim at the future of automobiles.

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