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Harden: Players Won’t Budge On 53% Of Basketball Related Income

The league and players wrapped a five-plus hour meeting in New York Sunday in a last-ditch effort to save the start of the NBA regular season. How’d it go?


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UCLA Is Hosting Some NBA Pickup Games Too

The Goodman, Melo and Drew Leagues are getting all the pub for good summer hoops featuring NBA players. But one hidden gem (or gym) to catch a number of NBA players getting in some run is at UCLA.


Kobe Bryant

Drew League Wants Kobe To Play Rematch Game

-After Kobe Bryant showed up and lit up Drew League two weeks ago, there began to be he hopes he’d make another appearance. With a scheduled rematch of the Drew League vs. Goodman League showdown in Los Angeles, Drew League officials immediately began talking about Bryant possibly participating. According to the L.A. Times that’s going from more of just whispers to actual conversations.


Kobe Bryant at Drew League

Kobe Hits Game-Winner Over Harden At Drew League Final

Legal drama be damned, Kobe Bryant was up to his usual exploits on Tuesday night, taking names and giving religion on the basketball court.