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DA Seeks Rehearing In Anna Nicole Smith Drug Case

Prosecutors refusing to accept an appellate court’s ruling in the Anna Nicole Smith case asked the court on Friday to change its decision and allow her former boyfriend and manager to be retried.

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Judge Dismisses Conviction Of Howard K. Stern

A prosecutor has denounced a ruling dismissing the drug conspiracy convictions against the late Anna Nicole Smith’s former boyfriend Howard K. Stern and her psychiatrist and says he will appeal.


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Verdict Ends Chapter In Anna Nicole Smith Tabloid Saga

A final chapter in Anna Nicole Smith’s made-for-tabloids life story has ended with a jury absolving her doctor of prescribing excessive drugs and convicting a psychiatrist and Smith’s lawyer-boyfriend of conspiring to fake names on prescriptions.

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Jury Ends 6th Day Of Deliberation In Anna Nicole Drug Case

Jurors in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy trial are set to resume deliberations Tuesday.

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Defense Wraps Up Final Arguments In Smith Drug Case

A lawyer for Howard K. Stern has concluded his final argument in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case, telling jurors Stern trusted two doctors on trial with him to ease Smith’s suffering with drugs.

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Defendents Howard K. Stern (L), the longtime companion of Anna Nicole Smith, and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor (R) are on trial in connection furnishing drugs to Smith. (credit:ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Anna Nicole’s Boyfriend Acquitted Of Some Charges In Drug Trial

Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend has been acquitted of two charges of obtaining drugs for her by fraud and deceit, including use of false names.


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Final Arguments Delayed In Anna Nicole Drug Trial

The judge in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case has delayed final arguments until Monday while he considers defense motions to dismiss charges against the model’s two doctors and boyfriend.


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Prosecution, Defense Rest In Anna Nicole Smith Trial

The prosecution and defense have rested their cases in the drug conspiracy trial against Anna Nicole’s boyfriend and two doctors.

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Judge: Jury Won’t Get Some Charges In Smith Case

The judge in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case, often critical of charges lodged by the prosecution, indicated for the first time Monday he will block some of the charges from going to the jury.


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Woman Retracts Previous Claim At Anna Nicole Trial

A key witness at the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy trial has retracted a previous statement that she saw Smith’s boyfriend Howard K. Stern inject the former Playboy model.


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Nanny: Bloody Syringes In Anna Nicole’s Bathroom

A nanny who worked for Anna Nicole Smith in the last months of her life says she saw the model’s boyfriend and psychiatrist take her into a bathroom where she found bloody syringes and other items.


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Judge Questions 2 Charges In Anna Nicole Smith Trial

The judge in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial is questioning whether the prosecution can prove two key conspiracy charges against the model’s two doctors and lawyer-boyfriend.


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Witness: Doctor Kept Secret Files On Anna Nicole

  LOS ANGELES (AP) – Seven months after Anna Nicole Smith’s death, a law enforcement team entered the home of the model’s doctor with a search warrant and guns drawn, and found her medical records […]

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