Dolphin Lands In Boat, Breaks Woman's Ankles In Bizarre OC OutingA dolphin leaped onto a family's boat in the waters off Dana Point, crashing into a woman and breaking both her ankles, it was reported Wednesday.
Shark Or Dolphin: Marine Experts Debate Animal Captured In Manhattan Beach PhotoMany southern Californians are already familiar with the photo of what appears to be a possible Great White shark swimming feet away from the photographer's family — but a number of experts now argue that the animal may not be a shark after all.
Did Shark Photobomb Manhattan Beach Family? Did a shark photobomb a Manhattan Beach family Friday?
Trapped Dolphin Finds Its Way Back To Open SeaA young dolphin, which was trapped Tuesday afternoon in the Berthe of the Long Beach Port, apparently has managed to swim out of the area.
Young Dolphin Trapped In Long Beach PortA young dolphin became trapped Tuesday afternoon in the Berthe of the Long Beach Port.
Official: Wayward Dolphin Back Out At SeaA wayward dolphin that appeared in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve late last month has gone back to the open ocean, a sea mammal expert said Monday
Wayward Dolphin May Have Been Bullied Into Bolsa Chica WetlandsWildlife experts have stopped trying to coax a wayward dolphin back out to sea.
Wayward Dolphin Continues To Enjoy Romping In Bolsa Chica WetlandsThe wayward dolphin who has been tugging at the heartstrings of locals and tourists -- and confounding wildlife experts -- enjoyed another day romping in the Bolsa Chica wetlands and avoiding a return to the ocean.
Rescuers Continue Effort At Bolsa Chica Channel To Return Wayward Dolphin To SeaWildlife experts are trying to return a healthy dolphin to the ocean after it became stranded by swimming into a narrow wetlands channel along the southern California coast.
Dolphins Gather As Crews Try To Rescue Dolphin Stranded In Bolsa Chica ChannelAs many as seven dolphins have gathered outside a Southern California channel where crews have been trying to rescue a dolphin that wandered inside Friday.
Distressed Dolphin In Long Beach Found DeadA dolphin was found dead in Long Beach after reports of the distressed mammal swimming in circles Saturday morning.
Dolphin In Distress Draws Crowd In Long BeachA dolphin in distress is drawing a big crowd in Long Beach.

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