Marilyn Monroe Earrings Auctioned For $185,000Julien's Auctions said in a statement Sunday that the actress wore the jewelry when she attended the opening of "The Rose Tattoo."
'Baywatch' Jacket, KITT Car, Other Hasselhoff Memorabilia Featured In 'Legends' Auction"The Hoff" will take his place among a pantheon of Hollywood icon memorabilia set to go on the auction block Friday.
British Scientists Name Hairy Crabs After David HasselhoffBritish scientists have named a new species of crab after actor David Hasselhoff. The crab, which can be found in a deep sea vent in the Antarctic Ocean, has a hairy chest like former “Baywatch” star.
You'll Never Look At Popsicles The Same Way AgainI've tried -- Lord, how I've tried -- not to link to the video, that takes us behind the scenes of its unveiling.
David Hasselhoff Hopes To Help Find Missing 24-Year-Old Woman With Epilepsy She's been gone for nearly a week. There have been some sightings...but nothing terribly concrete.
Bristol Palin Is 'Dancing With The Stars'

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