Daredevil Practices For World Record By Walking Across The Rose Bowl On TightropeBello Nock has his eyes on a stunt he plans later this summer called "The Ultimate."
Skydiving Daredevil Escapes Locked Coffin At 14,000 FeetA Wisconsin daredevil freed himself from shackles and a locked casket while plummeting to the earth at 130 miles per hour on Tuesday, eventually parachuting gently into a northern Illinois field.
Blind Cat Named 'Daredevil' Needs A Loving HomeA local shelter is making an appeal to pet lovers, as it seeks a new home for a blind cat.
Daredevil Faces Arrest For Climbing BuildingSan Francisco authorities say they plan to arrest a man who is scaling the exterior of a 58-story downtown skyscraper -- just as soon as he reaches the top.

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