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‘Billy Jack’ Star Tom Laughlin Dead At 82

Tom Laughlin wrote, directed and produced “Billy Jack” and starred as the ex-Green Beret who defends a progressive school against the racists of a conservative Western community.


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Parole Denied For Ex-Member Of Charles Manson Cult

Governor Jerry Brown Friday reversed a parole board’s decision to release from prison a former member of the Charles Manson cult.


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‘9 1/2 Weeks’ Writer-Producer Zalman King Dead At 70

Actor and filmmaker Zalman King, who became known for his erotic work after writing and producing his breakthrough film “9 1/2 Weeks,” has died. He was 70.



A Billboard Campaign You Should Never Have To See

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jones saw the writing on the wall, and lined up everybody, and had them drink from vats of cyanide and Valium, in a mixture of a powdered drink called Flavor Aid.


Authorities were questioning Reyna Marisol Chicas, the leader of a breakaway religious sect Sunday, trying to figure out why its 13 members went missing. (credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department)

Sect Leader ‘Sorry’ For Group’s Disappearance

In the end, the missing members of a Southland religious sect were found safely praying in a local park, but authorities say this isn’t the first time they’ve been notified about this group.

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