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(credit: CBS)

Recent Deadly Motorcycle Crashes Reignite Controversial Lane-Splitting Debate

Recent deadly motorcycle crashes in the Inland Empire have reignited the controversial debate of lane-splitting, which involves the legal act of bikers riding between cars on freeways.

CBS2 / KCAL9–05/24/2013

(credit: CBS)

Woman Conceived More Than 2 Decades Ago To Save Sister’s Life Graduates College

She was controversial before she was even born.


Everyone seems to have an opinion about Jodie Foster's speech. (credit: Handout/Getty Images Entertainment)

Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes Speech Will Have Tongues Wagging For Years

The adjectives are already being tossed around. Jodie Foster’s Golden Globe speech was all things to all people. Depending on who’s doing the talking, the speech has been called remarkable, touching, candid, vague, forthcoming, strange, meandering, moving … the speech has Hollywood all abuzz.


Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson, stars of "Django Unchained," share a laugh at the NYC premiere. (credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment)

For Controversy, Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ Is Off The Hook

Director Spike Lee called the movie “disrespectful” to slavery and says he won’t see it. PEOPLE’s Alynda Wheat, who is, incidentally, a black woman, said “The first hour is brilliant.”


Mark Basseley Youssef, also known as Nakoula Nakoula,  was taken into federal custody last September on probation charges. (credit: CBS)

Federal Probation Officers Interview Man At Center Of Anti-Islamic Movie

A Southern California filmmaker allegedly linked to a controversial Anti-Islamic film made a brief appearance overnight after being holed up inside his Cerritos home for more than three days.


Is this Nakoula Nakoula ? "Inside Edition" believes so. (credit: CBS)

Embattled Anti-Muslim Film Producer Remains Locked Inside Cerritos Home

Nakoula Nakoula, the embattled producer of the anti-Muslim movie “The Innocence of Muslims,” remained locked behind the doors of his Cerritos home Friday.


Neighbors say this front door, shown in the movie "The Innocence of Muslims," belongs to Nakoula Nakoula, the film's producer. (credit: CBS)

Media Frenzy Continues Outside Home Of Alleged Anti-Muslim Filmmaker

Inside Nakoula Nakoula’s Cerritos home, all appears quiet, peaceful and calm.


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Calif. Fish And Game President Removed Amid Mountain Lion Controversy

The California Fish and Game Commission unanimously voted for a new president Wednesday, five months after a controversial picture was released of ex-president Dan Richards posing with a dead mountain lion he killed.

CBS2 / KCAL9–08/08/2012

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Son Of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs Awarded Full Scholarship To UCLA

Controversy was raised among the UCLA community Tuesday after a football scholarship was granted to the son of music mogul Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, who is reportedly worth half a billion dollars.


(credit: TIME Magazine)

Time Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover Sparks Controversy

Time Magazine’s new cover features a picture of Jamie Lynn Grumet, a 26-year-old Southland mom, breastfeeding her child.


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Fish And Game President Under Fire For Mountain Lion Hunt

A vacation photo that shows the California Fish and Game Commission’s president, right after he killed a mountain lion on a hunting trip, continued to fuel a political firestorm in the state capitol Wednesday night.


The controversial rap group 2 Live Crew is reuniting and going on tour. (credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment)

2 Live Crew — Rap Group Behind Infamous ‘Me So Horny’ — Is Reuniting

The rap group that inspired controversy in the early 1990s with songs like “Me So Horny” is reuniting and hitting the road.


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Long Beach City College Set To Hire Racy Musician As VP Of Academic Affairs

The hiring of Dr. Gaither Loewenstein as Vice President of Academic Affairs at Long Beach City College raised eyebrows Thursday since he resigned his previous post as President of Modesto Junior College amidst controversy over his band’s lyrics.


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Governor Brown Signs Bill That Will Prevent Local Governments From Banning Male Circumcisions

California’s governor has signed a bill that that will prevent local governments from banning male circumcision.


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Brooklyn Museum Cancels Graffiti Art Show Now Running In LA

Brooklyn Museum officials say they are canceling an upcoming exhibit of graffiti and street art because they can’t afford to mount the show.

CBS2 / KCAL9–06/21/2011