(credit: Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

California May Have Just Seen Lowest Voter Turnout In Its History

The ballots counted so far put turnout about 18.4 percent, although that will certainly grow as elections officials count hundreds of thousands of outstanding ballots, including 166,000 in Los Angeles County.



Skinning Defenseless Small Animals for Fun and Profit

For her part, the principal reminds that “Animals aren’t the only species who are dressed up after they die. We do it to humans too.”



LAFD Invites Public To Attend Huge Fundraising Block Party

You can eat grub cooked by an actual firefighter (and these guys are pretty good cooks!), watch them work a hose, put on the uniform, participate in raffles, watch a bucket brigade contest, enjoy live music…you name it.



Can You Think Of A Worse Way To Attract Tourists?

Facebook users: make Kent Shocknek your friend Twitter: follow KentShocknek Some cities have a zoo: Others, a simple art walk. But when it comes to attracting tourists, nobody can top Zhengjiang, in China’s Jiangsu Province, […]