Mystery Solved! Bright Light Seen Across Southern California Skies Was Debris From Russian RocketOfficials said a bright light that streaked across the skies of Southern California Tuesday night was space debris from a Russian rocket and not a meteor.
Scientist Who Helped Land Spacecraft On Comet Returns Home On Mission To InspireA Southern California scientist was back home Tuesday night after working on one of the most daring space missions of all time.
JPL Scientists Monitor Historic Attempt To Land Spacecraft On Comet It's been a mission in progress for 10 years for the European Space Agency, and scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena are among those watching keenly as the first-of-its-kind objective prepares to reach its apex.
NASA Craft Primes For Valentine Comet EncounterA NASA spacecraft is ready to get up close and personal with its comet sweetheart.
NASA Craft Set For Valentine Rendezvous With Comet Just in time for Valentine's Day. After eyeing a comet for the past four years, a NASA spacecraft will finally make its move.
NASA Deep Impact Spacecraft Visits Another CometA NASA spacecraft is getting up close and personal with a small comet.

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