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Nurse At LA Medical Facility Accused Of Posting Pics Online Of Circumcised Baby Boys

A man who claims to be a nurse at a Los Angeles medical facility allegedly posted photos online of baby boys after they’ve been circumcised.

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Governor Brown Signs Bill That Will Prevent Local Governments From Banning Male Circumcisions

California’s governor has signed a bill that that will prevent local governments from banning male circumcision.


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2 California Lawmakers Introduce Bill That Would Block Bans On Circumcision

Two California lawmakers have introduced a bill that would pre-empt local governments from passing laws banning male circumcision and limit the enacting of such legislation to the state.

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Boy’s Family To Receive $4.6M For Botched Circumcision

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Anthony Pickett used a Miltex Mogen clamp that removed 85 percent of the top of the boy’s penis.


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Santa Monica Mayor Says Proposed Circumcision Ban Dropped

The mayor of Santa Monica says an activist has dropped plans to petition for a measure on the November city ballot that would ban circumcisions.

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Backer Drops Push To Ban Circumcision, Blames ‘Religious’ Media

A lactation consultant is giving up on her campaign after what she calls “everyone from The New York Times to Glenn Beck focusing on the religious issue”.

CBS2 / KCAL9–06/07/2011

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‘Anti-Mutilation’ Group Calls For Santa Monica Ban On Male Circumcision

The ban, which would even extend to procedures performed for religious purposes, is aimed at supplementing existing California law that prohibits female genital mutilation and extending that protection to young boys.


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Should Circumcision Ban Be Cut From The Ballot?

A group seeking to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has succeeded in getting their controversial measure on the November ballot, meaning voters will be asked to weigh in on what until now has been a private family matter.