KNX On Your Corner: Interview With Mayor Sukhee KangIrvine made history by becoming the first major U.S. city to elect a Korean American mayor.
KNX On Your Corner: Irvine Tops ‘Best Small Cities’ List Irvine ranked on top on CNN Money Magazine's annual “Best Small Cities” list.
KNX On Your Corner: Irvine Is A ‘Planned City’Unlike many other communities, Irvine is a "planned city."
KNX On Your Corner: Irvine Business ComplexWhat is a city to do with an industrial area that turned to blight because of the economy?
KNX On Your Corner: Irvine Meadows Amphitheater For live music “under the stars,” people head to Irvine's Amphitheater.
KNX On Your Corner: Global Village FestThe city of Irvine has one of the most diverse populations of any American city.
KNX On Your Corner: The Spectrum CenterChris Sedens reports the Irvine Spectrum Center isn’t just a shopping mall.
KNX On Your Corner: The Irvine CompanyYou can't talk about the city of Irvine without talking about The Irvine Company.
‘KNX On Your Corner’ - IrvineKNX 1070 took an in-depth look at the city of Irvine on Aug. 24 as part of its ongoing series "KNX on Your Corner."

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