Chocolate Bar

(credit: Dylan Siegel)

8-Year-Old Boy Raises Nearly $1 Million Towards Cure Of Best Friend’s Rare Disease

An 8-year-old boy that self-published a picture book has raised nearly $1 million to help cure his best friend’s rare disease.

CBS Los Angeles–11/02/2014

Chocolate Bar is a book and a campaign. (credit:

Boy, 6, Helps Friend Fight Rare Liver Disease

He’s only 6, but Dylan Siegel recently wrote a book to help raise money for his friend and classmate Jonah who is battling a rare liver condition called Glycogen Storage disease.


6-Year-Old Boy Writes Book To Raise Money For Classmate With Rare Disease

Dylan Siegel, 6, recently wrote a book called “Chocolate Bar” to raise money for his classmate Jonah who has a rare liver condition called Glycogen Storage Disease1b

CBS2 / KCAL9–12/14/2012