Chesire Jets

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Chesire Jets Having Trouble Insuring Artest, May Not Play In UK

Basically, it’s an insurance issue for the Cheshire Jets. The small English club is having trouble getting the needed insurance to support Artest playing for them. And without it, there’s no way Artest plays for them.


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Artest’s UK Deal May Include Role In Soap Opera

Ron Artest sort of, kind of officially signed to play in England with the Cheshire Jets. But as you might expect, there could be some complications involved in the deal. The most important being money.


Ron Artest

Artest Heading To England To Play For Chesire Jets

Ron Artest said he was going to play in England. No one believed him, not even his agent. Artest was adamant though, in the same way Artest is adamant about anything (which means he constantly contradicts himself and spins riddles, much like the Cheshire Cat. Now it certainly looks like Artest will have the last laugh.