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NHL, Players’ Association Reach Tentative Pact To End Lockout

Hockey is back, and it took nearly four months and one long night to get the game back on the ice.


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Report: Derek Fisher Can Re-Sign With The Lakers Now, But Is Still Unlikely To

LOS ANGELES (CBS Sports) The NBA built this provision into the lockout-induced CBA to prevent the ol’ trade-a-player-who-gets-waived-then-re-sign-him-hence-defeating-the-entire-purpose-of-requiring-that-a-trade-be-necessary-in-the-first-place. The provision put a time limit for a return to the team that traded the player originally. […]


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Report: David Stern To Step Down As Commish After 2 More Seasons

David Stern has made it pretty clear that the end is near for him in the commissioner’s seat. He stressed at All-Star Weekend that he would not be around for the next collective bargaining agreement, whether that comes in 10 years, or six.


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NFL To Test For HGH Once Details Agreed

Two people familiar with the negotiations tell The Associated Press the NFL will become the first major U.S. professional sports league to use blood testing for human growth hormone under the final language of the collective bargaining agreement.


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Stern: Nothing To Be Encouraged About In NBA Labor Talks

NBA talks have started again and are apparently going nowhere.


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NFL Players Expected To Vote Sunday Or Monday

One high ranking member of the trade association said so much progress was made that a deal was near.


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Vincent Jackson, Logan Mankins Still Holding Up CBA Deal

Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson are still asking for cash compensation and that is one of the holdups over the finalizing of the CBA agreement, a source with knowledge of the situation told CBS.


NBA Labor Negotiations Continue As Deadline Looms

NBA Union Chief: It’s Obvious Lockout Will Happen Tonight

Union chief Billy Hunter says owners are locking out players after failing to reach a new collective bargaining agreement, potentially putting the 2011-12 season in jeopardy.


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NBA Heads To CBA Deadline Day, Sides Far Apart

The NBA is headed to deadline day, with perhaps one last chance to avoid a lockout. Negotiators for owners and players will meet Thursday, about 12 hours before the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement and seemingly nowhere close to a deal.