Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor In Long Beach

Carnival Splendor Passengers Robbed At Gunpoint Back In SoCal

Nearly two dozen passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor are back in the Southland Sunday after being robbed at gunpoint during their seven-day voyage in the Mexican Riviera.


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Dream Vacation Turns Into Nightmare For Cruise Passengers Robbed At Gunpoint

A dream vacation turned into a nightmare for almost two dozen cruise ship passengers who were robbed at gunpoint by a band of thieves.


Carnival Splendor

Where The Splendor’s Passengers Go From Here…

Question: would that be good enough for you? Is that a fair settlement, or will there be lawsuits? Well, of course there will be lawsuits, because that’s the way it is. I don’t know first-hand what the passengers have been through. Should they be compensated additionally? What would be fair?


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Passengers On Powerless Cruise Eat Spam, Pop Tarts

In a scenario likely none of its more than 3,000 passengers pictured when they planned their seven-day jaunt on the Mexican Riviera, the disabled cruise liner was being towed to San Diego by tugboats. Instead of a lavish seafood buffet, passengers were subsisting on Spam.