SoCal Lawmakers Eye Ban On Plastic Water Bottles At City-Sponsored Events A Southern California city is considering phasing out the use of plastic water bottles at city-sponsored events.
Cell Phone, High-Tech Database Used To Nab Assault Suspect A South Los Angeles man was behind bars Friday on suspicion of assaulting a woman at a local bar.
Co-Worker Sought 'Release' With Semen-In-Water-Bottle StuntMichael Kevin Lallana, 32, says he admits to ejaculating into an "attractive" colleague's water bottle, but that he didn't expect her to drink it.
Study Finds Breastfeeding Moms To Be No More TiredNew evidence suggests breast feeding is best even for exhausted mothers. According to new research, breast-feeding moms get just as much sleep as those who use formula and breast-feeding has other benefits as well.

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