Body Scan

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Ink From Woman’s Tattoos Gives False Positive On Body Scan That Cancer Had Spread

A woman with cancer had a major scare after ink from her tattoos caused an imaging test to light up leading her doctor to believe the disease had spread.


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Rapper Kurtis Blow Cited For Carrying Marijuana At LAX

According to reports, rapper Kurtis Blow was cited Thursday morning at LAX after a TSA body scanner detected a stash of weed in his pocket.


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No Major Airport Delays Reported On ‘National Opt-Out Day’

The lines of Thanksgiving travelers moved smoothly at airports around the country Wednesday morning despite an Internet campaign to get passengers to gum up the works on one of the busiest days of the year by refusing full-body scans.


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Travel Tips To Avoid TSA ‘Gate Grope’

If you’ve decided to fly during this Thanksgiving weekend, you may want to brace for potential delays due to new security measures, and be prepared by knowing what your options are before you get to the gate.


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‘Don’t Touch My Junk': Man Refuses Airport Scan, Becomes Internet Hit

An Oceanside man who refused a body scan and pat-down search at a San Diego airport has become an Internet sensation.