Blue Whale Bar

Best Places To Discover New Music In Los AngelesWith scores of new music styles and flavor-of-the-month hits constantly being evolved from blues, country, new age, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, pop, R&B, rock and calypso, Los Angeles is considered fertile territory for artists and musicians who seek to test the market for their latest releases. In every waking moment, promoters scramble to book their clients at some of the more trendy nightspots that hold promotional value for both the entertainer and the establishment's ability to continually pack the house with music enthusiasts looking for something new and different from established and emerging talent. Rivaling no other large metropolitan area on the planet, L.A.'s nightlife is where touring headliners prefer to take the stage. Of the many music venues that feature live vocalists and bands, here is a hand-picked list of top-shelf locations that offer the freshest trends from set and improvisational performing artists now blazing the melodic landscape around the world.
Sandwich Generation

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