Bee Swarm

(credit: CBS)

Worker Dies After Swarm Of Bees Attacks Construction Crew In Riverside

At least three people were hospitalized Monday with bee stings after workers at a construction site came into contact with an underground bee hive in Riverside.


(credit: East Valley Fire Department)

Bees Sting Loma Linda Man, His Dog Hundreds Of Times

The dog had been sprayed by a skunk on Saturday and his owner was trying to wash off the stench. Officials say the drought conditions may have attracted the bees to the water.


(credit: CBS)

1 Injured, 1 Trapped By Bee Swarm In Desert Hot Springs

One person was stung repeatedly and another became trapped after bees swarmed a triplex in Desert Hot Springs Thursday.


(credit: CBS)

Women Expected To Recover After Suffering Nearly 1,000 Bee Stings

A 51-year-old woman and a teenaged girl were recovering Monday after suffering a severe bee attack that occurred when one of their cars disturbed a hive following a minor crash Sunday.


(credit: CBS)

Bee Swarms Terrorize Wildomar Neighborhood, Kill Family Dog

Aggressive swarms of bees tormenting a Riverside County neighborhood have killed a family dog.