Senate Blocks 4 Gun Control Measures In Wake Of Orlando Mass ShootingThe bills would have expanded requirements for background checks on gun buyers and banned gun sales to people on terrorism watch lists.
Should Uber, Lyft Implement Mandatory Fingerprinting For Drivers?Ride-hailing services Uber or Lyft have stopped serving Austin, Texas.
Uber Agrees To Pay $10 Million To Settle Lawsuit Over Driver Background ChecksProsecutors claimed the ride-hailing service made false or misleading statements about the background checks it conducts on its drivers.
LA Officials Urge Fingerprint Checks Of Ride-Hailing DriversThe mayor of Los Angeles and two City Council members ask the state Public Utilities Commission for permission to start a pilot program that would require fingerprint background checks of ride-hailing, limousine, van and shuttle service drivers.
Southland Officials, Residents React To Obama's Executive Actions On Gun ControlPresident Barack Obama unveiled an array of measures on Tuesday tightening control and enforcement of firearms in the U.S.
Local Gun Sales Surge Since San Bernardino MassacreAt the gun range where Syed Farook took target practice two days before killing 14 coworkers, gun sales soared 60 percent, according to the business.
Prosecutors Say Uber Claims About Thorough Background Checks Are Misleading"We have come to learn that they have drivers who are convicted sex offenders, identity thieves, burglars, kidnappers, and a convicted murderer, and this is just in LA alone," said the San Francisco DA.
Expert Outlines Guidelines Employers Must Follow In Conducting Background ChecksCompanies are doing more than calling to verify a prospective employee’s work history, CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger reports.
Taxi Cab Drivers Circle City Hall In Protest Of Ride-Share ServicesHundreds of taxi cab drivers Tuesday were slowly circling City Hall to protest the rise of unregulated ride-share services.
Lawmakers Focus On Bullets In New Proposed Gun LawsCalifornia lawmakers are now focusing on the bullets, instead of guns, as they continue to try and curb gun violence.
Supreme Court Grapples With NASA Privacy QuestionsHow much information is too much when it comes to security at a government installation in a post-9/11 world?

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