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Petersen Automotive Museum To Auction Off Collectibles

One of the nation’s most prized collection of rare and antique automobiles is offering collectors a chance to own a piece of automotive history.



Pay Attention, Please!

The Genesis’s nose looks like a Jaguar XK had a date with a Telsa Model S and this was the result


speed racer

Your Choice: Would You Rather Have a Cell Phone, or This?

Certainly, nobody who remembers that first solo drive to pick up friends would trade the experience for texting said friends from the family room.



Something That Looks so Much Better in the Rear-View Mirror

It’s curious, but I can’t even find an illustration online to prove my point– as if all visual references have been removed so the company can deny all.


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KNX On Your Corner: Fisker Automotive

With its ‘Karma’ luxury sports sedan. Anaheim-based Fisker Automotive is a darling of the electric car business — and as KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports, they’re a big hit with the celebrity set, too.


nissan leaf

Power to the People: Depending on how Much You Want to Spend

And I’m sorry to see it turned into a political football (to use a frustrated GM exec’s term) by both major parties.


ford focus

…But If You Like the Old-Fashioned Way…

The Ford Focus runs on the same kind of direct-injection engine that some of the most luxurious cars in the world (read: Mercedes) use. Pared down to a 2-litre, 4-cylinder, 6-speed, the Focus is a […]


mazda 3

…Or, You Could Change Everything Else…

I asked a Mazda engineer how they do all that, and he said, “Magic.” Whatever…


chevy cruze

….And It All Circles Back

And besides, it’s cool enough to see every once in a while on Hawaii 5-O.


hyundai veloster

Getting Whiplash, Watching Pretty Models Do Their Thing — Pictures

If you were unfortunate to get your driver’s licence in the late ’80s, (or early ’60s, early ’90’s, mid ’70s), you remember when all cars looked the same, and that ‘same’ would not have been confused with ‘pretty.’


audi a7

…The 2012 Audi A7…

Let’s be clear: a ‘coupe’ is supposed to mean 2 doors. But if a manufacturer wants to squash down the roof of a 4-door and call it a coupe, we wish them well.


toyota scion tc

…Toyota Scion tC…

When Toyota rolled out its Scion models, back in the automotive dark ages — well, OK, the 199os — everybody wondered whether the small-car lineup could withstand …


jaguar xjl supersport

…And Finally, Jaguar

Yes, you could buy 4 Velosters for about the same $113,000. But…c’mon: wouldja just look at this thing?


stick family

When Family Car Stick Figures Go Too Far: the Pictures

or, when you’re either unclear on the concept, or you’ve had enough. Come to think of it, those last two might be when you like them most of all.


stuck car 2

How Did These Models Get Stuck Here?

Helmut Schmidt basically says his car took over from him, and ended up on this decorative rock at the entrance to a subdivision.