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Pet Thefts On The Rise Nationwide

Pet thefts are on the rise in Los Angeles and around the country, according to the American Kennel Club.

CBS2 / KCAL9–04/04/2013

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Activities For Animal Lovers In OC

Animal lovers often do not have the flexibility or capacity to also be pet owners. Here are a few ways to get your cute and cuddly fix, anyway.

CBS Los Angeles–03/31/2013

Police in Colton put the kibosh on a cockfighting operation Saturday. (credit: CBS)

7 Arrested In Colton For Holding, Attending Cockfights

Colton Police responding to a call about a possible cockfight Saturday busted seven suspects.


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Best Pet-Friendly Getaways In OC

When it comes to pet-friendly getaways, Orange County is a uniquely impressive place with an abundance of great options. If you’re looking for a place to spend a weekend away, these O.C. favorites invite both you and your pets to sit, stay and explore. These are the county’s best pet-friendly getaways and activities.

CBS Los Angeles–01/19/2013


Experts Give Pet Owners Tips On Getting Disaster Ready

You may know the steps to keeping your family safe in a natural disaster but what about your pets?


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OC Students Bring Dogs, Hamsters, Horse For ‘Blessing Of The Animals’

It’s raining blessings on cats and dogs in Orange County.


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More Owners Turning To Holistic Medicine For Their Pets

Many people hail acupuncture as an effective alternative to medication for dealing with physical ailments. Now, there are veterinarians who say it can also help heal pets.


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Chefs Unite To Fight Calif. Ban On Foie Gras

Some famous chefs staged a food fight in Santa Monica Monday night, battling a new state law that bans foie gras, a popular French delicacy that some people say involves animal cruelty.


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Small Children with Deadly Pets: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“I know! –Let’s put a 2-year-old on a leopard. It must be safe — it’s on a leash, apparently made of string.”


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Carrie Ann Inaba To Host The Humane Society Of The United States’ 26th Annual Genesis Awards

The Genesis Awards stands out from other award shows because it’s not about who’s best actor or director, it’s about the animal protection message and inspiring people to make a difference on behalf of animals.

CBS2 / KCAL9–03/22/2012


Women Arrested For Animal Cruelty Surrender Animals And Await Hearing

The two women accused of cramming 142 animals into a Uhaul and driving it across country with no food or water have been released on bond.

CBS2 / KCAL9–01/30/2012

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Feds Charge 12 In Attempted Sales Of Protected Animals

A dozen people were charged with violating wildlife laws by allegedly trying to sell a live piranha, other endangered or protected fish, birds and items such as a polar bear pelt and sea turtle boots, federal prosecutors announced Friday.


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Best Reptile Pet Shops In Los Angeles

If you are in the market for a scaly friend or need reptile advice, then be sure to slither your way through this guide to the top exotic pet spots in Los Angeles. Hours: Mon […]


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Pets In Need Of Good Homes

A local animal shelter visits CBS2 News every Friday morning to introduce us to a couple pets in need of good “forever” homes.

CBS2 / KCAL9–10/27/2011

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How to Make Your Pet Hate You for the Holidays

Here comes Halloween, and there goes your pet’s dignity. These are from a costume company (Duh. -Ed.), and cost between $10-35. Princess Leia seems like a winner.





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