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Alex O’Loughlin

The Talk

Aisha Tyler In ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ Spoof: Daniel Dae Kim, Take Off Your Shirt!

All this week, the cast of “The Talk” is spoofing CBS primetime shows including “Hawaii 5-O” and more!


The cast of CBS' "Hawaii Five-O" will help plant a garden with military kids at Pearl Harbor Monday. (credit: Art Streiber, For CBS Broadcasting Inc.)

‘Hawaii 5-0’ Stars Will Help Plant Garden With Military School Kids At Pearl Harbor

The stars of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” will be lending a hand off-screen to military school kids at Pearl Harbor.



Watch For the Secret Coolest Scene On The New Hawaii Five-O

Also, this time it’s Kona, instead of Kono, and she’s a girl; and Chin Ho is a buff dude. That’s OK: they both can act. And I’m not sure I would have wanted to see the original Kono, played by Zulu — a rather large gentleman, in a bikini.