The Five Must-Have Energy-Efficient Appliances No Green Home Should Be WithoutDespite the initial outlay, greening your in-home guzzlers can help you save significantly in a short amount of time, particularly if you take advantage of the rebates and tax incentives that are available. If you’re not able to upgrade every appliance in your home, these five can still supply a maximum, energy-saving boost.
Tips For Keeping The House CoolYou may not be able to control the weather, but you can moderate its impact upon your home.
Edison Offers Discount For Remote Access To Cut A/C Power During 'Energy Events'Looking to save a little cash on your electricity bill this summer?
Caught On Tape: Pregnant Woman Steals Air Conditioner From Riverside BuildingA pregnant woman has found a criminal solution to keep cool by stealing an air conditioning unit.
Air Conditioner Thefts Leaving Chino Residents Hot And BotheredThe Chino Police Department has received 13 reports of air conditioner theft over the last several weeks.

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