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Revolutionary Farming Method May Be Solution To Drought’s Impact On Calif. Agriculture

As California remains in the midst of a tremendous drought, an Orange County farmer believes he may have discovered the farming method of the future after his crops began thriving while using much less water than usual.



New Bill Would Grant Work Permits To Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants

A bill moving through the California Legislature is heating up the hot button issue of immigration reform.


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Bug Hunters Fan Across SoCal Hoping To Stop Spread Of Devastating Citrus Tree Disease

The ubiquitous backyard citrus tree, symbolic of California’s agricultural abundance, is front and center in the battle now under way to save the state’s nearly $2 billion citrus industry.


An adult Kharpa beetle and eight larvae were found in this shipment of rice in early January. (credit: U.S. Customs And Border Protection)

Grain-Destroying Beetle From Saudi Arabi Found In LAX Cargo

The world’s most destructive grain pest was found at LAX in a recent shipment of rice from Saudi Arabia for the second time this year.


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Need Up, Donations Way Down At Local Foodbanks

A group of young volunteers are doing what they can to put a dent in the mounting hunger in Los Angeles.


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Strawberries Keep Top Spot In Ventura County Crops

Strawberries are still the top crop in Ventura County where agriculture revenues rose 14.5 percent last year to nearly $2 billion.


Agency Sues Labor Contractor, Farms In Thai Case

A federal agency has sued a California-based labor contractor and farms in Washington and Hawaii alleging discrimination against more than 200 Thai workers in what it has called its largest human trafficking case in agriculture to date.


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Valentine’s Flowers To Be Thoroughly Examined At LAX

Valentine’s Day flowers are getting close scrutiny at Los Angeles International Airport.



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