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Study: Self-Driving Cars Would Eliminate Majority Of Traffic Deaths, Congestion

In some ways, computers make ideal drivers: They don’t drink and then climb behind the wheel.


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LAPD Steps Up Patrols After String Of Deadly Traffic Accidents

Traffic officers with the LAPD were expected to be out in force in the San Fernando Valley Wednesday to target drivers and pedestrians following a recent string of deadly traffic accidents.


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1,000-Acre Brush Fire Forces Evacuation At Camp Pendleton

Fierce winds stoked several small fires across Southern California on Saturday, forcing 260 residents and hospital patients to evacuate the Marine Corps’ Camp Pendleton causing a key freeway junction to shut down and damaging cars and homes.


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Recent Studies Suggest Drivers Are More Likely To Crash On Friday The 13th

Some recent studies show drivers are more likely to crash on Fridays, and more specifically Friday the 13th.

CBS2 / KCAL9–09/13/2013

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CHP Cracking Down On Speeders On I-15 Near Victorville

“Is there a reason you were going so fast?,” said the officer.


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CHP, Local Agencies Crack Down On Distracted Drivers

As part of April’s “Distracted Driving Awareness Month” campaign, local law enforcement agencies will be conducting zero tolerance enforcement on distracted drivers.

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Death For Teen Drivers Increases With Added Young Persons In Vehicle

The risk of death from automobile accidents among teenage drivers increases when other teens are in the car, a new study found.


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Hundreds Of Accidents Reported On LA County Freeways Due To Heavy Rain

Officials say 249 accidents were reported on freeways throughout Los Angeles County between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. Friday.

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Either Brilliant Marketing, or the World’s Biggest Mess to Clean Up

And no, it’s not a model: it’s a real building, with real cars in the lot in front of it, in Columbus Ohio.


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Controversial Red Light Cameras Could Be Shut Off Sunday

A City Council committee wants controversial red light cameras to be phased out by the end of the month.

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Is Driving More Dangerous On Friday The 13th?

Is Friday the 13th really that unlucky? The Automobile Club of Southern California says it’s no more dangerous on the road.


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Thousands Of Elevators Found Running With Expired Permits

Even though elevators are supposed to be inspected every year, we found permits in elevators well past the deadline — tens of thousands of expired permits statewide. It’s a potential for a hazard.

CBS2 / KCAL9–05/12/2011

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Wild Winds Knock Down Trees, Power Lines Around Southland

High winds swept through Southern California on Monday, knocking down trees and power lines that led to thousands of outages and kicking up dust storms that forced street closures.

CBS2 / KCAL9–03/07/2011

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Cold, Soggy Weekend On Tap For Southern California

A powerful winter storm dumped about a half-inch of rain on Los Angeles and forecasters say more wet, messy weather is expected.


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A Road Crew’s Road Rage Revenge: The Picture

Wouldn’t drivers get the clue after they saw the first few cars? Not if the road crews kept rebuilding the wall, each time someone smashed into it.